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[Answer] Is Fito Clear Genuine Good? How much?

Onychomycosis not only causes itching but also causes the patient’s nails to become ulcerated, rough, and unsightly. The disease can spread from person to person, so it needs to be detected and treated as soon as possible. One of the best solutions to reduce nail fungus, nourish nails today is the genuine Fito Clear spray.

Fito Clear spray bottle overview

Nail fungus (nail fungus) is a condition in which the tip of the nail or toenail has white or yellow spots. Over time, the fungus will get deeper, causing the nail to discolor, thicken, and crumble at the edge of the nail.

fito clear giá bao nhiêu mua ở đâu
Learn about Fito Clear spray.

If the fungus gets into the middle of the toes, it’s called athlete’s foot. If not treated in time, patients run the risk of losing the nail and a deep infection.

Ingredients and uses

Ingredients of Fito Clear:

  • Garlic extract (garlic extract): Antibacterial, promoting wound healing, killing bacteria on a large scale.
  • Chamomile extract: A natural antibiotic that helps reduce irritation and heal wounds.
  • Ginger essential oil: Relieve pain, fight infections, and infections.
  • Piper betel leaf extract: Deodorizes, kills bacteria, reduces itching, cleanses the skin.
  • Lemongrass essential oil: Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal effect.
  • Green tea extract: Cooling, soothing, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant.
  • Cinnamon essential oil: Kill bacteria
  • Clove oil: A natural anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic agent, increases blood circulation.

fito clear giá bao nhiêu mua ở đâu 02
Ingredients and uses of Fito Clear?

Products’ use:

  • Owning a genuine Fito Clear spray bottle means that you will be supported in all of the following effects:
  • Completely treatment of nail fungus diseases, toenail in a short time
  • Destroying bacteria that cause nail damage and dermatitis
  • Prevents the formation and growth of fungi on the nails
  • Prevent onychomycosis from recurring
  • Protect nails from harmful agents
  • Restores damage caused by onychomycosis, stimulates nail growth
  • Recommended object and instructions for use

Who should use Fito Clear:

  • People with nail fungus, toenail fungus for a long time
  • People with itchy itchiness caused by onychomycosis
  • People looking for natural products to help prevent onychomycosis
  • Fingernails and feet fall off easily, causing pain
  • A person with nail, toenail infection
  • Nails and legs are peeling, sores, poor aesthetics

Instructions for using genuine Fito Clear:

  • Clean nails and feet with clean water (or saline, dry
  • Spray the product directly onto the affected nail bed with fungus
  • Keep the product dry naturally for 5-10 minutes
  • Use regularly 2 times per day

fito clear giá bao nhiêu mua ở đâu 03
Instructions for using the Fito Clear nail fungus spray.

Note, you should use the product for at least 3 months to get optimal results. The product is not a medicine that is not effective as a substitute for medicines, kept out of reach of children.

Is Fito Clear good? Where to buy genuine Fito Clear?

Fito Clear spray is recommended by dermatologists. Extracted from natural herbal ingredients, Fito Clear genuine help to support the treatment of nail fungus disease, while nourishing nails is always thick and healthy.

Is Fito Clear good?

As mentioned above, the Fito Clear nail fungus spray has 100% natural ingredients. All are selected as standard, then undergo a high-tech extraction process to help keep the nutrients completely and completely remove impurities.

fito clear giá bao nhiêu mua ở đâu 04
Is Fito Clear good?

Clinical tests show that the product helps to quickly reduce the discomfort of onychomycosis after only 7-10 days of use. The benign and safe level of the product is highly appreciated by experts.

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In particular, the Fito Clear nail fungus spray does not cause side effects for the user. Up to the present time, this is still considered a safe and effective solution for nail fungus and toenail fungus.

Where to buy genuine Fito Clear?

The product has a listed price of 1,580,000 VND / box. However, if you order within the framework of the promotion, the price will be reduced to only VND 790,000 / box. Note that the Fito Clear nail fungus treatment support spray is sold directly at the manufacturer’s website.


Thus, the article has helped you to answer the question of whether Fito Clear is good or not with the ingredients and the use of the product. Ultimately, onychomycosis is a contagious and recurring disease, so you can use a spray bottle at a maintenance dose to prevent the fungus from attacking again.

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