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[ANSWER] Reasons Why You Are Hungry Even If You Just Eat It

Have you ever wondered why, even if you haven’t eaten for long, your stomach is still hungry and needs more food. This feeling brings discomfort and inconvenience to many people. And you know behind this fast hunger symptom are seemingly simple causes that we do not pay attention to. Find out through the following useful information, you will have a better way to take care of yourself.

Fat intake is not enough

Just after eating, the hunger is the result of the insufficient fat intake, which happens in the girls who have to implement their weight loss plan. Because fats play an important role in keeping us feeling full for longer.

giải thích lý do vì sao vừa ăn lại đói
Insufficient fat intake.

Since then, if you feel hungry even after eating, it means that you do not provide enough fat as well as energy for the body. So, whether you have to lose weight or not, do not completely remove fat from your diet, but balance them so that your body is developed comprehensively and fully.

Excessive exercise leads to energy expenditure

Exercise helps to tone muscles, the body develops well, the metabolic process is also more favorable, but if abused, it will leave undesirable consequences. One of them is the overwhelming feeling of hunger affecting life.

giải thích lý do vì sao vừa ăn lại đói 01
Exercise too much leads to loss of energy.

When the body has to exercise vigorously for a long period of time, the energy metabolism will occur faster. Therefore, to prevent this situation, you need to ensure adequate nutrition before and after exercise to harmonize nutrition fostering and exercise to protect your health.

While eating there is no concentration

Because we are too busy or don’t want to interrupt our hobby of doing something, we often finish eating and finishing. This makes you feel hungry right after eating. Because when we eat without concentration, we will chew poorly, through loudspeaker and cause damage to the digestive system, leading to stomach pain and other diseases.

giải thích lý do vì sao vừa ăn lại đói 02
Do not focus in meals.

Therefore, when you start to eat, you should not do things in parallel, but focus on each meal to ensure the best nutrition is loaded into the body. On top of that, the bad habit of eating and doing will create a bad image if you eat with others.

Eating too fast creates a feeling of hunger after that

Have you ever noticed that when we eat fast, chew, then we will feel hungry more quickly than when we eat slowly chew carefully. Because eating is the time to enjoy the food and cannot be done in a hurry and shorten the time.

giải thích lý do vì sao vừa ăn lại đói 03
The speed of eating is too fast.

The fast symptoms of hunger are also stomach reminders that signal that you have eaten too fast and are not really enjoying the food. You should practice yourself the habit of eating slowly and chewing carefully to be full for a long time and from then on the hunger will have no chance to strike.

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With the reasons that make you feel hungry even though you just finished eating above, you have had the experience to change your seemingly simple habits right now. If the hunger persists even though you’ve followed the rules, contact your doctor quickly for the best way to improve your condition.

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