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Daily use of sunscreen is beneficial or harmful

Sunscreen is considered a “weapon” to protect the skin of women regardless of when going to the street or at home. However, recently a question has emerged that is whether applying sunscreen as a daily routine or not? Behind that is the benefit or harm? How bad is it, please refer to the information below for the most appropriate answer?

Is it necessary to apply sunscreen daily?

As we all know, the harmful effects of the sun have a lot to do with the human skin. Women often have the thought of only applying sunscreen when going out, but the true truth is not enough. Because even at home, sometimes you are still exposed to the sun and especially the girls who work in the office.

thoa kem chống nắng hàng ngày lợi hay hại
There is a need to apply sunscreen daily.

The reason for saying that because the sun affects the skin, the harmful rays from electronic devices such as computers, phones also affect the skin no less. Then the main answer is that you should practice the habit of applying sunscreen regularly every day regardless of going out or not. The benefit of sunscreen is a “film” to protect the skin, so invest in a product that is suitable for your skin properties to promote more effectiveness.

Unexpected benefits from sunscreen bring to the skin

The screen protects skin, blocks UV rays

The air is increasingly polluted, and for this, we should not underestimate the protection of our health as well as our skin. When the ozone layer is destroyed, there is a chance that the sun will do more damage to the skin. So let’s have a habit of protecting the skin whether at home or out to ensure healthy skin, then get beautiful skin.

Prevent the aging process

When comparing a person with a sunscreen habit and someone who doesn’t usually do it, the biggest difference is the change in pigmentation and more wrinkles in the second person.

thoa kem chống nắng hàng ngày lợi hay hại 01
Prevent the aging process.

As we know the skin, no matter how healthy, it is “subjugated” by UV rays from the sun. The skin will easily appear wrinkles and sagging if not taken care of carefully, especially sunscreen. This is the benefit of sunscreens recognized by top dermatologists.

Brighter skin

UV rays will darken skin quickly, so stick with sunscreen from now on so you don’t have to spend a lot of time recovering.

thoa kem chống nắng hàng ngày lợi hay hại 04
Helps brighten skin tone.

In addition, when ensuring skin is protected by sunscreen, the skin will reduce red bumps as well as bright, much more even color. Let’s make a habit of applying sunscreen to increase the beauty of the skin.

Some unknown harms of sunscreen

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, sunscreen still has the following health problems:

  • Hormonal Disorders: The composition of this skin protection product can disrupt hormone metabolism in women. This harm can be completely avoided by using the right type and dose of sunscreen.
  • Increases the likelihood of breast cancer: Because the ingredients Benzophenones in the cream will stimulate the process of tumor formation faster. However, do not worry too much because this is only harming with a relatively low chance.
  • Skin damage: this is the most common sunscreen harm to some people with too sensitive skin, it is inevitable that irritated skin will be avoided when using inappropriate sunscreen products. So the best way to avoid this situation is to invest in a sunscreen product that is suitable for your skin type.

The harmful effects of sunscreen only appear when we do not know how to use and choose the wrong product line. Whether it’s sunny or shady, we still keep the habit of “making friends” with sunscreen. And if those who want to supplement vitamin D from the sun, the best time frame is before 8:00 am, this is the ideal time to sunbathe.

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