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Effects Of Sitting Too Long During The Day

If you are working at work or have to sit in the same place for a long time this means less physical activity. Have you ever thought about how this will cause harm to your health? Weight gain is also one of the harmful effects that long sitting can cause. Through the following harms, you will be more motivated to move and move!

#Overweight, obesity – The silent harm of sitting for a long time is not known

Usually, when looking at the office girls, we will realize that there is one thing in common between them: their body is quite overweight, the belly fat, even the majority of people are obese.

tác hại của việc ngồi lâu
Sitting for a long time can gain weight.

Each day they have to work in the same place for a long time (at least 8 hours, not to mention but when they have to work overtime). Surely the body will be more or less passive, because muscles do not have the opportunity to move, which will hinder the process of digesting food, causing overweight, belly fat – a worry of many women. office children.

tác hại của việc ngồi lâu 03
The abdomen easily accumulates fat.

Therefore, women who are doing this work need to take advantage of every opportunity to move and move, such as resting in the middle of the hour, taking the stairs, taking photos of documents, going to lunch, filling water, … when finding out here, surely the question why it’s easy to gain weight has been answered. Just try and persevere, it is not difficult for women to keep their shape, right?

#Damaged bones and joints affect the health

According to a study by a doctor in a hospital, the proportion of people working in the office tended to have osteoarthritis significantly increased. This is a warning bell that warns us when we have to sit to work every day. Diseases related to osteoarthritis pain in the nape of the neck, shoulder pain, degenerative cartilage of the spine, herniated disc, and a multitude of dangerous diseases are formed when the habit of sitting for long periods of time.

tác hại của việc ngồi lâu 01
Affects bones and joints.

Besides, when focusing on work, many people will not pay attention to the posture that leads to the wrong posture. This is the inevitable cause of dangerous bone diseases to form and develop day by day. Since then, your gait will also be affected and seriously affected your life.

#Sitting for too long affects brain and memory

One study linked the mind and the development of neurological diseases with participation from adults and the elderly. The results show that this ratio is equivalent to each other. This is also a warning for dementia in the growing adult group.

tác hại của việc ngồi lâu 02
Can cause dementia.

The simplest way to increase memory is to not sit in one place for too long, do not sit still, increase exercise, do not need too much effort exercises that can be Gentle exercises, then gradually increase the intensity. That’s why there is no reason not to add daily campaign articles to your schedule.

#Sitting a lot increases your risk of diabetes and heart disease

These two dangerous diseases stem from sitting for long periods of time, a habit that many people have. No matter how much mass you own, your blood sugar can rise if you sit for too long.

According to a recent research result in the US, the percentage of adults working in the office with a higher glycemic index than the average person. Therefore, those who are in the habit of being inactive, they will surely fall into diabetes and heart condition one day. Sitting for a long time will accumulate belly fat and increase the risk of developing a fatty disease in the blood that affects the health. These are extremely dangerous causes that everyone should be aware of.

Some of the above common diseases have a common cause that is inactivity, sitting too long in one place. Therefore, it is best to protect your own health by increasing exercise and building a healthy lifestyle. There is no reason that you know the dangers but still do not give up the bad habit of sitting for a long time, right?

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