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Harmful Harm When You Don’t Use Skin Care At Night

After a long day at work, the first thing that comes to mind when you get home is rest and sleep. Therefore, sometimes many women often ignore the important nighttime skincare step to relax, which brings a lot of harm to the skin. So what are the harms that you know yet, if not, please take a look at the useful information below to complete the skincare step?

Let’s take a look at the unpredictable harms from lazy skincare at night

Skin appears dry, flaky

After a long day, our skin is affected by many factors such as dirt, cosmetics, ultraviolet light from electronic devices that are harmful to the skin.

dưỡng da ban đêm
Skin appears flaky and dry.

Therefore, if we skip the step of skincare, just wash the face lightly and go to bed, it will lead to consequences for the skin, typically the skin will appear flaking because of not being fully moisturized enough, this happens most in the cheeks, nose, … Through here, we also understand that night care is extremely important and should not be lazy for even one day.

Skin will age quickly without night care

We cannot prevent the appearance of signs of age, but we have the right to slow this process. Day as well as at night, we need to actively take care of our skin and that is the motivation for us to keep youthful.

dưỡng da ban đêm 01
The aging process takes place quickly.

Currently, night skincare products are effective against oxidation, regenerate and supply the missing collagen, help firm skin, smooth wrinkles, crow’s feet, and bring radiant skin. If we miss a night of skincare, the next morning we will feel the negative changes in the skin. Everyone if you want to stay young over time, please take care of your skin day and night, the results will not disappoint you.

Acne “massively attacks” the skin

During a long day with all kinds of cosmetics and dust on the skin, if not cleaned and properly cared for the skin, it will lead to clogged pores and produce acne.

dưỡng da ban đêm 02
Acne will appear.

Skin also needs time to ventilate and relax, so if you just forget a night not to remove makeup or proper nighttime skincare, it will lead to acne “racing” appearing in your skin. Surely none of us love the presence of this “uninvited guest”, so please work hard to keep your skin smooth and white.

Revealing the most basic nightly skincare steps anyone can apply

We often focus on the steps of skincare during the day but forget that night is also the necessary time to take care of the skin. The negative effects from the daytime will negatively affect our skin. Regardless of your age, you should follow the following basic nightly skincare practices:

  • Remove makeup to remove dirt, cosmetics on the skin.
  • Use a cleanser to once again help smooth skin.
  • Don’t skip the step of applying toner to balance skin’s pH.
  • Masks to provide nourishment to the skin.
  • The serum helps to improve skin problems.

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How to take care of skin at night is not too complicated, but sometimes we ignore it and then the recovery consequences take a lot of time and effort. Then from now on, everyone should review and perfect their skincare steps so that the skin is smooth and free of defects.

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