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Health Care for the Elderly Is It As Difficult As We Think?

Recent studies show that the proportion of elderly people is about 12% of the world’s population, which is expected to increase to 22% by 2050. On average, people over 65 have a 19.3 chance of living years if well cared for. However, healthcare for the elderly is not easy. You need to understand the risk factors, as well as care for this vulnerable.

Find out 4 common health problems in the elderly

As our bodies age, we face one or all of the following problems. The degree of severity depends on whether older people receive routine health care or not.

Respiratory diseases

Some non-communicable diseases in the lower respiratory tract (typically chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD) are the main cause of death in people over 65 years of age. According to the CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2014, 124,693 patients died from respiratory diseases.

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Respiratory disease in the elderly.

Statistics show that about 10% of men and 13% of women over the age of 60 are living with asthma. This figure is equivalent to patients (older) with chronic bronchitis, emphysema. Chronic respiratory diseases increase the risk of lung infections and decrease the quality of life of the elderly.

Oral health

Speaking of health care for the elderly, oral health is one of the most important issues. The natural aging process of the body will lead to the loss of teeth and around the world, about 25% of people over 60 years old will lose their natural teeth. That is not to mention tooth decay, pulp inflammation, periodontitis … tend to increase as we age.

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Oral health.

Oral problems make it difficult for older adults to maintain a healthy, nutritious diet. Especially dry mouth and even oral cancer. To prevent unfortunate cases from happening, family members need to take grandparents/parents to the dental clinic periodically, at least every 6 months.

Lost memory

A person’s cognitive ability is manifested through thinking, learning, and remembering. However, when you turn 60 years old, your cognitive ability will fall into a state of decline leading to dementia. An estimated 47.5 million people outside of middle age have memory problems. This number is forecast to increase at least three times by 2050.

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In addition, health conditions and other chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure … can increase the risk of dementia. The best way to restore cognitive abilities is to follow your doctor’s treatment plan, as well as adopt appropriate healthcare for the elderly.


You may not believe it, but every 15 seconds an elderly person has to go to the emergency room for a fall, and every 30 seconds there will be 1 more death (2019 statistics). Thus, careless injuries are the leading cause of shortening the life expectancy of people over 65 years old. Meanwhile, the natural aging process causes bones and muscles to gradually lose strength, causing a lack of flexibility and balance.

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Arthritis and osteoporosis also cause the joints to lose flexibility. Therefore, the elderly need to limit walking on smooth surfaces, climb steep stairs, and move in tight spaces to avoid falls.

Notes on healthcare for the elderly

After going through the “60 years of life”, our grandparents/parents will not only face health problems but also mentally. The care of the elderly should note the following 3 things:

Mental care

As mentioned above, psychological changes after 60 years old are hard to avoid. They often want respect and attention, becoming more sensitive, more irritable, and prone to crisis. What to do now is to talk more with grandparents/parents, listen and give them the opportunity to interact with “peers”.

Balanced diet

Taste becomes less flexible as we age, which is also the reason why older people often suffer from poor appetite. The poor digestive system also leads to slower absorption of nutrients, ultimately malnutrition. Therefore, the second note in the process of health care for the elderly is to build a balanced diet, suitable and complete with all groups of substances.

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Need a balanced diet.

You should split meals and do not use a lot of spices in processing. Nutritional needs depend on each person, especially for the special condition of the elderly. Therefore, nutritionists recommend that in addition to the daily diet, you should supplement essential nutrients for grandparents/parents, through products containing PUFA, MUFA, good for the heart, and Digestive.

Physical activity

It is not wrong to think for grandparents/parents’ comfort, but if there is no brain and body movement for a long time, health will surely decline. In particular, inactivity will cause a number of dangerous chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes … Therefore, the elderly need to do the things they love such as yoga, fitness, walking … as long as you can. Relatives can practice together and can create a warm atmosphere in the family and ensure safety for the elderly.

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Healthcare for the elderly is a process that requires a lot of love, understanding, and empathy. To prevent malnutrition and diabetes for respectable family members, you can choose nutritional products that stabilize blood sugar that are very “hot” on the market.

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