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Her 9x Weight Loss Story Must Be Hospitalized

Until now, the problem of losing weight, gaining weight has always been the suffering of so many women. However, do not be discouraged because you only need determination and clear goals, all efforts will have good results. It only took 6 months from implementing the wrong methods to finding a healthy regime, Khanh Thy successfully lost 15kg. Her story suddenly became the inspiration for many cases where the motivation and appropriate weight loss methods were not found.

No one’s own obsession with the name of being overweight

Character named Doan Thi Khanh Thy (living in Hanoi). The girl was shunned from people around in her high school years until college because of her “fertile” body of up to 70 kg. During this long period of time, the girl fell into a state of self-esteem, shyness in contact with people, gradually shrinking into her own space.

câu chuyện giảm cân của cô gái 9x
Obsessive about Khanh Thy’s weight.

However, her willpower is very high, she thinks she can’t continue like that forever, I have to find a way to quickly lose weight to gain confidence. She began her weight loss journey in unscientific ways such as fasting, taking weight-loss pills to speed up the dose, hooking her throat after eating in the hope of losing weight as expected. She tried hard to lose 3 pounds in 2 months. However, this situation was not as good as she thought.

#Do not learn before losing weight so the wrong method has been applied

It is this ignorance that has led to serious effects on the character’s health. Telling the story, the girl is still confused and scared because Thy has lived in the hospital for 2 months because of using weight loss pills of unknown origin. The doctors also warned her not to continue to apply these unscientific methods, sooner or later her life will be threatened.

How persistent practice?

You know, the most important thing when losing weight is to focus on exercise regimen and lose weight so that a toned body is inevitable. After nearly 4 months of persistent pursuit of a scientific weight loss regime, the girl has returned to the weight as the set target is 55kg, her body is completely healthy, no more sluggishness, fatigue. tired like before.câu chuyện giảm cân của cô gái 9x 02

Wrong weight loss leads to serious consequences.

It can be confidently affirmed that from now on, Khanh Thy has truly rediscovered himself and the surrounding relationships have also improved in a positive direction. Recalling the process of regaining this physique, the girl was really haunted because she was too lucky to have just come out of the “dead” just because of unscientific weight loss. Now, she can confidently share how to successfully lose weight for those who want to lose weight and get in shape.

The best scientific diet methods for losing weight

With a height of 1m63, a weight of 55 kg (successfully reduced 15kg), a 65cm waist, a body that is not “standard”, but according to her, this is a miracle and she is ready to share. to anyone who truly wants to lose weight science.

1 / Build a healthy lifestyle

First, she begins to consider whether her lifestyle is really a hindrance to weight loss. As a result, not only a small effect but also a super concern that makes this girl’s body more and more “fertile”. Gradually adapting to the little things is the safest and most lasting way to challenge yourself. In the first month, Khanh Thy did not seem very familiar with the diet: eliminating all junk food, regularly exercising and gentle exercise and after eating, should not lie down, so move about 10 minute.

cách giảm cân thành công 04

Build a healthy lifestyle.

However, because of her determination, she always told herself she would try. In addition, she has also gradually abandoned the habit of storing nightly food, consulting scientific gyms on the internet, increasing drinking enough water every day, not skipping meals, especially breakfast.

2 / Replace old habits with new habits

With the change of some habits in the first month, now she has truly adapted to this regime. Thy emphasized: “Make yourself a habit of cooking instead of going to the restaurant, removing harmful spices, healthy snacks (do not eat sweets, replace with yogurt. , less sweet fruit), fixed exercise like running or cycling.

câu chuyện giảm cân của cô gái 9x 06
Cycling or jogging is an option for you.

Daily activities can take advantage of energy consumption such as cleaning the house. Just like that, everything happened with the girl’s determination.

3 / Love yourself is the fastest way to lose weight

“Love” here is to cherish yourself and try not to let your eating taste affect your health. A healthy lifestyle will make yourself more loving and motivated to lose more weight. After a period of exercise, increase the level each day so your body can adapt gradually.

câu chuyện giảm cân của cô gái 9x 07
Love yourself.

Actively building a healthy diet such as eliminating fats and fats in your daily diet, and reducing stress in your life. Sometimes if you feel a craving for an unhealthy food, let yourself relax for a day for a month. Don’t overdo and pamper yourself!

This is just a “reward”, not a habit !.

Through the story of the girl Khanh Thy above, have you learned any experience in getting in shape for yourself? To have a successful way to lose weight, we need to have clear goals, a specific plan and, most importantly, a determination and perseverance to follow the planned plan. Wish you quickly have a slim figure for more confidence!

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