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How To Clear Pores To Prevent Acne

Pores are a small part of the skin, but people should not underestimate their presence. On the contrary, if you just ignore it and do not clean the skin properly, it will create conditions for many types of acne to develop. Through the following pore cleansing methods, owning a smooth, spotless skin of acne is an easy thing.

Take advantage of peeling patches to get rid of blackheads

Although it does not leave painful feelings, blackheads always make many girls fall into an inferiority complex in communication. The most effective way to deal with this “enemy” is to use acne-peeling patches. At this time, your skin will be eliminated bacteria, dead cells, unclog pores, and bring clean white skin.

cách làm thông thoáng lỗ chân lông
Make use of acne-peeling patches.

However, you should only take advantage of this patch once a week because too much abuse will lead to undesirable results such as more sensitive skin, enlarged pores, and easy acne.

Steam bath to remove dirt that is deep in the pores

Whether you wear makeup or not, every day our skin is subjected to many external environmental influences that clog pores. This prevents the absorption of nutrients from skincare products. The most recommended way to clean pores is facial steam.

cách làm thông thoáng lỗ chân lông 01
Do a steam bath to clear your pores.

It is the impact of the steam that creates conditions for dirt to escape, leaving the skin bright and smooth. Above all, the way is also very simple, you just need to boil water with some familiar ingredients such as lemongrass, lemon, salt, … to create an effective skin cleansing mixture.

Don’t forget to exfoliate regularly to unclog your skin

Do not think that our skin after being removed, using a cleanser is completely clean. Experts have shown that those who maintain an exfoliating routine have smoother white skin than those without this beauty treatment.

cách làm thông thoáng lỗ chân lông 02
Exfoliate the skin.

People can now take advantage of natural ingredients or market exfoliating products. Whatever you choose, consider the right ingredients for your skin and keep this habit, you will feel your skin change.

An activated carbon mask is believed to remove dirt

Besides the above ways to clean the pores, there is still a very effective way, that is to use activated carbon. Clay has always been a familiar ingredient for skin cleansing because its ability to absorb dirt is “formidable”. This is the perfect solution to shrink pores and soothe skin after squeezing acne effectively. Furthermore, you can also prepare your own concoctions according to the instructions on the beauty forums.

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In fact, how to clean pores is not too difficult as many people think, we just need to follow the simple methods above and you will have smooth white skin immediately. When pores are clear, the skin is also the time to receive nutrients effectively. You should remember that skin cleansing is the shortest way to have beautiful skin and free from blemishes.

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