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Lycium Ampoule Skincare Essence Good? How much?

Fresh, smooth skin is always a dream of all women. However, a dream is only a dream when the age of 30, the natural aging process begins to occur, causing the skin to lose its elasticity. At this moment, Lycium Ampoule is a perfect choice, helping women retain youthful radiance from deep within precious skin.

What is Lycium Ampoule and is it “as rumored”?

Maybe many women do not know, Ampoule is a cosmetic solution that is quite similar to a serum, but the concentration is much higher. That is also the reason why ampoule excels not only in moisturizing and restoring the skin but also in reducing dark spots and wrinkles. Lycium Ampoule is an ampoule recommended by beauty experts.

tinh chất dưỡng da lycium ampoule có tốt không
Is Lycium Ampoule as good as the rumor?.

Ingredient of Lycium Ampoule

This skincare essence is a combination of 100% natural ingredients and modern manufacturing technology. The main ingredients include:

  • Goji berry extract

The minerals and vitamins in goji berries are essential for the body (iron, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin C). It is also an active antioxidant, helps prevent the activity of free radicals, reduces wrinkles, reduces pigmentation.

  • Cherry blossom extract

The main use is to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, making the skin elastic, firmer, and smoother. Cherry blossom extract also has antibacterial active ingredients, inhibiting the activity of bacteria that cause inflammatory acne on the skin.

tinh chất dưỡng da lycium ampoule có tốt không 04
Lycium Ampoule is extracted from natural ingredients.
  • Pomegranate extract

Known to be a rich source of vitamin C, pomegranate extract is used to promote skin regeneration, exfoliation to bring bright, smooth skin. Pomegranates can also regulate oil in the pores, avoiding the phenomenon of clogging pores that cause acne.

  • Hyaluronic acid

A very important ingredient of Lycium Ampoule is responsible for providing essential moisture to the skin naturally, helping the skin stay in a state of sufficient moisture, the skin surface firm and smooth.

tinh chất dưỡng da lycium ampoule có tốt không 03
Inside the box of Lycium Ampoule.
  • Glycerin

Glycerin has the ability to absorb water, thereby minimizing water loss due to natural evaporation, helping the skin stay hydrated and soften.

  • Panthenol

This active ingredient, after being absorbed into the skin, will turn into natural vitamin B5, which helps nourish, restore, and regenerate the skin, especially after damage, skin pigmentation, and freckles. Panthenol also has the ability to prevent harm from factors outside the environment.

Is Lycium Ampoule good?

As a skincare essence that is being “hunted” by women, Lycium Ampoule faces the challenge of being questioned by competing brands about its true effectiveness.

tinh chất dưỡng da lycium ampoule có tốt không 02
Regain confidence with youthful skin thanks to Lycium Ampoule.

However, the fact has shown that the product has all the uses and safety “as rumored”, including 4 uses of moisturizing – regenerating – whitening – skin protection:

  • Moisture level

Helps the skin to stay hydrated, soft, and smooth, and prevents dehydration that leads to dry skin, flaking, and future aging.

  • Regeneration

Supports to promote the regeneration and recovery of skin cells after damage, dark spots … stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, compensate for the lack of collagen and elastin due to age and other causes. Thereby increasing elasticity from deep within the skin, maintaining the firmness and smoothing wrinkles.

  • Whitening

Inhibits the active range of melanin, brightens the skin from the inside, blurs spots and freckles as well as dark spots left by acne.

Protection: Comprehensive skin protection mechanism from harmful agents outside the environment, preventing skin aging.

Products are manufactured on advanced technology lines from Korea and researched and developed by experts in Japan. With natural herbal ingredients, Lycium Ampoule delivers a deep, effective effect quickly, with no dependencies and no side effects.

How much does Lycium Ampoule lotion cost?

As you know, ampoules are always very expensive due to their super-uses. However, in order to meet the increasing beauty needs and give gratitude to loyal customers, Lycium Ampoule manufacturer is having an attractive promotion, 50% discount for the first 100 buyers. From 1,780,000 VND according to the listed price, the product is reduced to 890,000 VND, the quality is unchanged but the quantity is limited.

tinh chất dưỡng da lycium ampoule có tốt không 05
Where to buy genuine Lycium Ampoule?.

To be able to own genuine products, avoid alarming counterfeit products in the past, women who have needs should order on the main website of the manufacturer.


Signs of aging will begin to appear at the age of 30, so according to experts, women should be conscious of skincare after 25 years old. In this beauty process, it is important for women to choose effective products, natural ingredients, and clear origins like Lycium Ampoule. Wishing women brilliant forever!

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