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Lycium Serum Welcome To AB Beauty World

After the expected time, on November 21, 2020, AB Beauty World – the family cosmetic supermarket chain, officially welcomed the presence of the skin rejuvenation super product Lycium Serum. Come here, you will be immersed in the space with thousands of extremely quality skincare and health products at affordable prices. Be one of the lucky customers to immediately receive super deals that Lycium Serum products from “Sojilabs” bring.

AB Beauty World – family cosmetics supermarket chain where you put your trust

The road of Le Van Sy that day was suddenly strangely bustling! Occupying all the large building, with a capacity of several hundred customers, the AB Beauty World family cosmetic supermarket seems to satisfy both the look and the shopping needs of customers. Just on the first day of opening Le Van Sy campus, Tan Binh district, city. In Ho Chi Minh City, the supermarket has welcomed thousands of customers from near and far to visit and buy products for themselves.

Lycium Serum Welcome To AB Beauty World 01
AB Beauty World cosmetics.

When you step inside, you will be overwhelmed with the delicate arrangements from all fields such as cosmetics, functional foods, and beauty products,…

Shopping space at AB Beauty World

AB Beauty World has set a target of covering Ho Chi Minh City in turn. Tan Binh District is a densely populated district in the city, but residents here find it difficult to purchase genuine health care products at preferential prices, suitable for their conditions.

Lycium Serum Welcome To AB Beauty World 02
Customers shop at the supermarket chain

The presence of AB Beauty World cosmetic supermarket has contributed to help customers in this area can shop for genuine products without going far away. In addition, when visiting this district, when visiting this district, you can also shop without having to encounter any inconvenience in finding necessary products and feel more secure when consuming.

Lycium Serum – skin rejuvenation solution from Sojilabs

Among the countless products that fight the aging process today, many women easily fall into a state of confusion about choosing which quality products. Known from the moment of “launching” up to now, the skin rejuvenation super product Lycium Serum from Sojilabs has brought a very wonderful experience to our dear customers.

Here is the product:

  • Produced by leading Japanese technology
  • Contains 100% natural extracts
  • The essence penetrates deep into the skin
  • Provides sufficient water and essence for aging skin
  • Wrinkles reduction, restoring and regenerating the skin, leaving skin youthful, full of vitality.
Lycium Serum Welcome To AB Beauty World 03
Sojilabs products for sale at AB Beauty World.

In order for consumers to easily experience the products, Lycium Serum is not only available on the e-commerce floors, but now it has been widely spread at AB Beauty World cosmetics supermarket. This is also the first starting point of Sojilabs in the journey to touch the emotions and pursuit of young and beautiful in the skin of Asian women.

Don’t miss the super promotion “HOT HIT” from Lycium Serum

To celebrate skin rejuvenation product Lycium Serum is present at 236K Le Van Sy, Tan Binh District, City. In Ho Chi Minh City, Sojilabs organized a blockbuster promotion program “Jubilant opening – Get instant gifts” worth up to VND 790,000 starting from November 21, 2020.

This is the most practical gift that Sojilabs wants to give to familiar customers who trust Lycium and at the same time want to introduce products to the world of the beauty market.

Lycium Serum Welcome To AB Beauty World 05
Come to AB Beauty World to shop for Sojilabs products to receive attractive offers.

Do not let owning youthful, beautiful, smooth skin without signs of aging is just a dream, but take the initiative to make it a reality right now. What are you waiting for without coming to the beauty world of AB Beauty World to shop and fully enjoy the offers from Lycium Serum?

👉👉 👉 Address: 236K Le Van Sy, Tan Binh District, City. Ho Chi Minh

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