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Revealing Easy Ways to Care Oily Skin at Home

Oily skin is considered the most “difficult” skin type that unfortunately for those who own this skin. Because people with this skin are often unavoidable conditions such as pimples, large pores,… Besides feeling inferior when there is always a greasy layer of oil on the face is also the reason for women. always looking for a way to correct this. Is it difficult for us to take care of oily skin? Please refer to the useful information that Soji Labs shares below!

Proper cleansing is an important step in oily skin care

Cleaning the skin is the most important step in the skin care routine. Because the skin is not deeply cleansed, any care after that becomes meaningless. Each day passes, our skin is subject to the impact of environmental factors such as dust and cosmetics, so cleansing will help the skin clear, revitalize and easily absorb essence.

cách chăm sóc da dầu 02
Cleanses skin from deep inside.

The steps to clean skin include removing makeup, using a cleanser that is suitable for the skin. Women need to learn and consider the right choice of products with mild ingredients and the right pH, avoiding products with high detergents. Because if you do not find out carefully, you will accidentally “paint on the skin” right away !.

cách chăm sóc da dầu
Skin cleansing is an indispensable step.

Every day, you should wash your face 2 times, morning and night, so that your skin is not too dry, this will release more oil. Do not obsess over your facial skin to be clean, which leads to repeated washing, which accidentally harms the skin a lot.

Prioritize the use of quality skin care products

Oily skin is extremely sensitive, so if you do not use the right oily skin care products, it will have serious consequences that you cannot foreseen.

cách chăm sóc da dầu 01
Should use cosmetics that are quality and suitable for oily skin.

You may regret money to do something but skin care should not. Instead, learn and review the ingredients, origins, uses and feedback of people who have used the product. Therefore, choosing quality skincare products is how you love and cherish your skin and yourself.

Replace and sanitize everyday items on a regular basis

Daily items are one of the invisible factors that make oily skin appear oily and unhygienic, which can produce blemishes. Therefore, patients with skin problems have been advised by doctors to be very careful when cleaning their surroundings so that they are no longer a source of bacteria affecting the facial skin.

cách chăm sóc da dầu 03
It is recommended to change items such as makeup brushes regularly.

These items are usually pillow covers, mattresses, towels, … that we often forget. In addition, it is necessary to practice the habit of replacing them every 3 months to avoid harmful to health and skin. Above all, do not share personal items with anyone else!

Limit your intake of foods containing fat, sweet, and greasy

Besides oily skin care, diet is also a cause that affects the treatment of oily skin. As mentioned above, oily skin is inherently very “difficult” skin so you must consider when you want to add any food! Note that you should limit those that are high in fat, sweet, and greasy.

cách chăm sóc da dầu 04
Cut back on fast foods and canned foods.

They are factors that contribute to increased blood sugar, speed up the metabolism of glycation, make the skin more rapidly aging, especially with extremely sensitive skin like oily skin will become lustrous. America. Build yourself a healthy diet to protect your health as well as have beautiful skin every day!

Through the tips on how to treat oily skin above, it can be concluded that this care is really not difficult if you know how and persevere. As long as you are equipped with good knowledge of skin care and facial hygiene, choose the right skin product, the problems will be overcome more easily. Besides, let’s build a scientific lifestyle, eat healthy, stay away from stimulants to protect the skin.

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