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Revealing the Right Standard Intensive Care Easily

“Best shape – second skin – third face”, skin is one of the criteria to evaluate human beauty, especially women. Not only affects the appearance but it is also the first protective layer of the body. Therefore the skin protection and care should be paid more attention. So what does the standard intensive skincare routine include? Soji Labs would like to share with you the following article you will have the most accurate answer.

In your opinion, is makeup removal really necessary?

The answer is yes, but not so important, but extremely important. Because our skin is subjected to many impacts from the external environment every day such as pollution, dirt, cosmetics … Therefore, skin is susceptible to damage and aging faster. Day by day the protective film will be broken and our skin will deteriorate in no time !.

bật mí cách chăm sóc da
The makeup removal step is extremely necessary.

This is one of the most important skin care steps to return healthy, shiny and clean skin after a long day. Currently on the market there are many makeup remover products with different ingredients as well as uses, you should choose the right product for your skin to promote its absolute use.

It is a fact that women should remember that if we do not wear makeup, we still have to remove makeup to cleanse the skin to cleanse the skin more deeply.

Facial wash helps to remove dirt on the skin

Cleansing is an important step that contributes to cleansing the skin and helps the skin absorb the essence in the next skin care steps. Besides, there are many women who wash their face, but their skin still does not get better, but also becomes worse, they have not really washed their face properly, how to clean the skin properly. follow the following steps to properly care for your face:

  • Wash your hands well before starting to care for your skin
  • Remove existing makeup with a makeup remover
  • Wet your face and use a cleanser
  • Massage gently while washing face

bật mí cách chăm sóc da 01
Revealing skin care 01

Wash your face to remove dirt and cosmetics from the skin.
Washing the face will help the skin clear and limit dirt, cosmetics that still stick on the skin. Remember not to wash your face several times a day as this will strip your skin’s protective layer. Just right and enough, our skin will be beautiful.

Actively exfoliate your skin to make it perfect

The layers of dirt and cosmetics that remain on the skin make up the dead skin layer if not removed will make the skin worse. Many people still do not pay attention to this skin care step, leading to meaningless skin care.

bật mí cách chăm sóc da 02
Actively exfoliate regularly.

Therefore, exfoliate the skin more often, allowing the skin to absorb nutrients. This is the step that will be performed after cleansing the face, choosing a benign product that does not contain tiny particles that irritate the skin.

Toner – Moisturises and balances the skin

The reason is called balancing water because it helps balance the pH of the skin after the cleansing process. Should choose the right toner for your skin and promote its full use and not harm the skin. The skin cleanser and this solution also help tighten pores effectively, make skin smooth and prevent the aging process from appearing.

#Use special treatment cosmetics to support the skin

The last step in the process of proper intensive skin care is to use specialty cosmetics. In other words, if your skin has problems with acne, freckles, pigmentation, aging, at this step, you will use a specialized product.

bật mí cách chăm sóc da 05
Use products that are specific to each skin type.

If you skip this step, your skin is neither beautiful nor healthy. Therefore, choose quality products to ensure our skin is safe, youthful and skin regeneration.

A beautiful skin will exist if we truly love and understand the skin care process. Women should not skip the steps of proper facial skin care in the standard intensive skin care process above. If you follow each step, adding a healthy life, eating enough nutrients ensures you will have a beautiful radiant skin.

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