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The secret to dry skin in the cold season you already know?

The cold season is a time when it’s humid and uncomfortable for human skin. Because of the increased humidity, the skin will not adapt in time and manifest as dry, chapped, and bleeding. To avoid this situation, women can apply some of the following dry skincare tips for the skin to be more moisturized, smooth, and youthful.

Wash your face properly to keep skin clean and moisturized

On cold days, many people often have a habit of washing their face through the speaker to not expose to too much water. This makes the skin appear many defects such as aging, acne because it is not cleaned at the root.

dưỡng da khô mùa lạnh
Proper cleansing helps to cleanse the skin and retain moisture.

And besides, washing our face with hot water causes our skin to flake and thinner. Besides, some women also wash their face too many times, making the protective layer on the skin broken and unable to protect the skin. Washing the face properly with water temperature that is not too hot, too cold will remove the dirt on the skin, brighten the skin and absorb nutrients in the following steps better.

Use a facial mask for additional nutrients

The face mask is our familiar “friend” regardless of weather, whether hot or cold. Masking is a time to relax and leave skin soft, moisturized, and full of vitality.

dưỡng da khô mùa lạnh 01
Should use a mask that replenishes the skin.

The cold season is the time when the skin is very sensitive and flaky, drier, so you should give priority to masks extracted from natural ingredients such as aloe, honey, yogurt, … to provide Hydrates and nourishes the skin. If you have time, women can make simple masks such as yogurt and potatoes, aloe and oil, … To own beautiful skin in the cold season, you should not overdo it in your care. everyday skin.

Moisturizing night – essential for dry skin

After a long day of exposure to mist, cosmetics, nighttime is the time for the skin to rest and relax. Moisturizer is an indispensable skincare product on cold days. Carefully selected ingredients in moisturizers will help provide moisture and nourishment to moisturize skin regardless of whether cold air or high humidity affects the skin.

Anti-aging products should be applied in the cold season

Proper care for dry skin in winter is to prevent signs of aging such as wrinkles and dry skin because moisture is high and the skin is very irritated. Our skin needs to be protected by anti-aging products with benign ingredients.

dưỡng da khô mùa lạnh 02
Skincare products in the cold season.

Besides, in climates like this, we need to pay attention to protecting the skin to keep the youthfulness and no chance for signs of aging to appear. You should avoid products containing retinoids because they will make the skin tight, flaky, and damaging the skin.

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Winter skincare is not too complicated if you know and love your own skin. Just apply the full steps of care, no matter the weather, your skin will not be affected. Besides facial skincare, body skin also needs care on winter days like this.

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