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Tips for How to Reduce Blood Pressure Quickly at Home Effectively

When you feel your body has symptoms such as constant headache, tired body, irregular heartbeat, dizziness, these may be symptoms of high blood pressure. This situation, if not promptly intervened, will cause dangerous complications for the patient’s health. Therefore, it is very essential to equip some skills to reduce blood pressure at home urgently.

The relaxation method called Savasana helps you lower blood pressure quickly

At first hearing the name is somewhat strange and new, explaining what this posture is, doctors said that Savasana is the “corpse” pose, an easy yoga pose to help reduce heart rate and blood pressure. .

cách hạ huyết áp tại nhà đơn giản 01
High blood pressure disease is common in the elderly.

You don’t have to do many complicated movements at the same time, but with this way to lower blood pressure at home, you just need to do the following: lie on your back, close your eyes and relax on each muscle and organ. body.

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Do a savasana relaxation in yoga.

This movement is simple, but if done many times and persist every day for 10-15 minutes, it will help the patient feel healthy and blood pressure returns to normal. This posture not only improves blood pressure, but also helps stabilize the nervous system, makes our spirits more cheerful and relieves all stress.

Ear and neck massage – therapy that helps control blood sugar effectively

We don’t have to wait until we get sick to find cures. Equipping ourselves with a few ways to lower blood pressure quickly is essential for each of us to do. There are 3 positions for immediate hypotension that we just need to apply massage movements:

cách hạ huyết áp tại nhà đơn giản 03
The first place is right below our earlobe.

The second spot is in the middle of the neck. Use your fingers to massage gently in a straight line and repeat 10 times on each side of your neck. The third place is on the face, straight from the earlobe out in front of the ear. Massage gently in circles for about 1 minute and relax with your eyes closed.

Ear and neck massage – a quick way to lower blood pressure

These massages are simple but bring great benefits to humans such as helping to reduce muscle tension in the neck and regulate blood flow to the brain. At the same time, you will feel more comfortable and healthier when you spend a few minutes every day doing it.

Breathing through the left nose – the secret to lowering blood pressure quickly in a moment
If your body shows signs of high blood pressure, don’t panic! The main thing to do is calm the mind, relax the mind, relax the body by breathing deeply and steadily so that the blood pressure is no longer dangerous.

You can do the following steps:

  • Sit upright on a flat surface such as a bed or mattress
  • Next, everyone put on the belly of their left hand
  • Cover the right nostril with your finger
  • Take a deep breath through the other nose (ie the left nose), hold for a few seconds and exhale gently.

cách hạ huyết áp tại nhà đơn giản 04
Left nose breathing method.

It is very simple to improve a sudden spike in blood pressure. You need to remember this move to perform when the body shows signs of hypotension!

Drinking water properly helps to stabilize blood pressure

Dehydration is also the cause of high blood pressure. The volume of blood in the body will be increased and the peripheral resistance decreases when people are not getting enough water. Sometimes we don’t think the condition will be that serious, but in fact this is the cause of the body fatigue, lack of vitality and blood pressure disorders.

cách hạ huyết áp tại nhà đơn giản 02
Drinking water properly helps to lower blood pressure.

What you need to do right now is very simple, just add 1-2 glasses of water, the situation will get better. Instead of normal drinking water, we can replace it with sugar tea. This is a quick way to lower blood pressure that many people have applied and quickly achieved.

Listen to classical music to relax the mind, stabilize blood pressure

Besides the above mentioned methods, there is another way to lower blood pressure, which is listening to classical music. It is these mellow melodies that help the body relax and reduce the amount of stress hormones somewhat. So if your body has frequent symptoms of high blood pressure, prepare some “cupboard” songs to relax and your body is more calm.

In addition to the above ways to lower blood pressure at home, people with a history of high blood pressure need to develop a healthy lifestyle to avoid effects on blood pressure readings. But when you feel that the body has strange signs, immediately notify your doctor for the most timely treatment !.

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