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Tips For Proper Skin Care Practices For Smooth Skin

You may not know, the basic skincare steps are important to the health and beauty of the skin. If your skin is getting worse and worse, chances are you have not used enough skincare products or used them in the wrong order. Do not worry, the tips in this article will help you “secure your hands” in the “skincare journey” and soon have the desired skin.

A beginner’s guide to basic skincare steps

There is a saying “the best shape second skin”, smooth skin helps your face much more beautiful. To make sure you have followed the basic skincare routine correctly, compare the following steps.

Skin cleansing

This is the first step and also a very important step that you must not ignore. The principle of skin cleansing is gentle and thorough because if your skin is dirty and sebum, you will never get rid of the “bad skin curse”.

các bước chăm sóc da
Skin cleansing is an important step.

Avoid rubbing it hard on your face, as this will irritate the skin and become more prone to inflammation in the acne spots. The advice is that you should remove makeup even without makeup, the environment out there is a lot of dirt and bacteria that want to attack your delicate skin day and night.

Balance moisture

A basic skincare routine cannot be without toner (or rose water), a liquid that helps balance moisture in the skin. You use the toner after using the cleanser, the most effective way is to put the toner on a cotton pad and wipe it all over your face.

Skin essence

The next step in the cycle is the serum, whose main function is to moisturize and replenish the skin. There are many serums on the market today, which help you create a smooth foundation in the morning and care for your skin at night.

các bước chăm sóc da 01
Use skin essence.

Special treatment products

In case you are having some skin problems such as acne, melasma … you should use more special treatment products that contain active ingredients such as AHAs, BHAs, glycerin … The advice is that you should keep it from 20-30. minutes for the essence to penetrate deeply into the skin, then proceed with the rest of the skincare steps.

Moisturizing products

The right moisturizer is exactly what all skin types need. It not only forms a protective layer for the skin but also helps the previous skincare steps “lock-in”, preventing evaporation. If you skip this step, the skin surface will be prone to irritation and dryness, especially wrinkles will soon form.

các bước chăm sóc da 02
Moisturizing products for the skin.

To finish the basic skin care steps, don’t forget the sunscreen too! Lack of sunscreen, all previous skincare steps are considered omitted. Sunscreens help protect the skin from the effects of ultraviolet rays, prevent the formation of freckles and even some types can prevent fine dust. For this “shield” to take full advantage of, you should apply sunscreen 20-30 minutes before going outside.

Notes you need to remember in a skincare routine

Depending on the skin type (oily, dry, mixed …) and current skin condition, you can actively choose the most suitable care products. Along with the steps of skincare, you also need to follow some notes:

A prerequisite for skincare is for the skin to be clean

  • The order in which skincare products are used is always from a thin (liquid) texture and then thickening up so that the skin is easily absorbed
  • Give the skin a “rest” time for a few minutes between each layer of product, applying it continuously will make the skin squash and prone to acne.
  • Blue light causes skin pigmentation, dullness and dark circles, wrinkles … so you should stop using your phone/computer after skincare.

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In addition to the basic skincare routine above, you can also use anti-aging serums with ingredients entirely from nature. A smart suggestion for you is Lycium Serum, the secret to “forever young” skincare of Japanese women. Wish you will soon have healthy, beautiful skin!

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