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Which Yoga Poses Help Your Body To Be Faster Faster?

In recent years, yoga is a sport that many people are interested in and pursued. In addition, when performing these movements, the whole body will be coordinated and enhance inherent endurance. Above all, all ages, all subjects can pursue without having to spend too much time getting used to and consolidating muscle groups.

Practicing yoga at home properly will help you have a more resilient body, resist the effects of external diseases. Refer to the basic yoga poses that anyone can practice improving physique and health

Warrior pose – one of the most basic yoga poses

This is a useful posture for people with long-term back pain. When you put all your strength into this posture, it will help strengthen the functioning of the lungs, the arms are also firmer, to prevent the skin from sagging. Please follow these steps in turn:

tập yoga tại nhà
Warrior poses in yoga.

  • Step left foot straight forward so that your feet are shoulder-width apart.
  • The foot should rotate outward at a 90-degree angle.
  • Arms outstretched and outstretched, knees lower on the floor.
  • Breathe in and out gently, doing 10 more times.
  • Maintain these movements every day to make your health more flexible and limit persistent back pain.

Triangular posture is easy to do, but it’s surprisingly effective

Those who are struggling because spinal pain can not cure forever and excess fat persists in the abdomen, do the following to improve:

tập yoga tại nhà 01
Triangular posture.

  • From the position shown above, extend your legs so that you are shoulder-height, and your right leg should be straight.
  • Adjust your body to lean against the ground, face to the left.
  • The hands are held sideways, then left hand facing up, right hand touching the ground.
  • Breathe gently so your body adapts to this movement, then switch sides.
  • This is very useful for people with back pain caused by sitting a lot and unable to perform other complex movements.

Mountain pose is for those who want to adjust their pose

Perform simple but effective movements that will surprise you, typically in the mountain pose. If anyone is living in the haunting days of spinal pain, this is definitely a super cool suggestion for you.

tập yoga tại nhà 02
Mountain pose.

You just:

  • Stand up straight, legs closed, shoulders relaxed.
  • Keeping your breath steady, your hands are lifted over your head so your palms are facing each other.
  • Hold your posture for 10 breaths. Repeat this movement about 3 times to increase endurance in the body.
  • Practicing yoga at home can both help save money and help you proactively arrange other jobs.

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Bridge posture helps the body more supple

This posture is intended to improve back, neck, and shoulder pain and alleviate headaches. You only need to take a few minutes a day to perform, the result not only helps your body be healthy and supple, but also makes your spirit happy, and reduces disease.

tập yoga tại nhà 03
Bridge pose.

  • Lie relaxed on the ground (carpeting if possible), knees bent, legs perpendicular to the floor.
  • The body is raised, the hands are fixed on the sides.
  • Keep breathing gently and do the movement about 10 times to increase metabolism in the body.
  • The baby pose relieves the stress and anxiety in you
  • Yoga poses are simple but their effectiveness is endless, be patient to increase the health of your body. The baby pose helps
    eliminate stress, relieve headache symptoms, relax chest muscles, …
  • Fold the whole body forward so that your forehead hits the carpet.
  • The chest will now be pressed tightly against the thighs, arms stretched out in front.

Hold for 3 minutes and repeat 3 times to feel your body is gradually changing and improving your physique effectively. Practicing yoga at home helps you save costs to classes, take initiative in arranging your own work.

Not to mention the miraculous uses that this sport brings, depending on each movement, it will bring its own benefits, and choose the right posture to improve your health.

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